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Whether you need computers and flat panel displays for training, seminars, or meetings, or state-of-the-art equipment for trade shows and presentations, ABR can outfit your event to create a high-quality, memorable presence that makes an impact. If your business is growing, you're not sure what your needs are, or you have seasonal work, renting computer equipment may be the answer. Look through the options below to see how ABR might make sense for your unique needs.

Training can save companies thousands of dollars and improve employee morale. Setting up training rooms can put a strain on your business in both areas of technical expertise and equipment. Control the costs for short term training events while using the most current technology available to insure the best training environment. Imagine a training room complete with a large TV or a projected image along with a network of PCs tailored to your training needs. This can be one of the most effective setups for instructing, learning and best of all controlling costs. Use our expertise for:

  • On or off-site training room setup tested and ready to go
  • Use of current technology for short term training needs
  • Systems custom configured to your specifications
  • A projector or TV for the trainer and PCs for the trainees

Meetings or Presentations

Technology solutions are definitely here to stay and considered the cutting edge choice to reach a target audience. If you are planning a small executive meeting or a large presentation, ABR can help you determine the most effective technology solutions for your event. Let us take the worry out of your preparation and remove the technology barriers. ABR can provide:

  • Complex solution of networked PCs, TVs, and Projector
  • TVs and projectors
  • Video conferencing
  • Delivery, setup, and teardown

Trade shows

If you’ll be exhibiting at a trade show, ABR will find the right mix of technologies to attract potential customers to your booth. Our large inventory of technology products is continuously refreshed so you can be sure to make a great impression. Remember, these events are a competition of products and services; separating your business from the competition is a must! Plus, we can take the stress out of trade show preparations by handling the details you don’t want to worry about. Your time is valuable and we know the timeline for setting up your booth can be short. Let us help you! ABR can provide you with the technical assistance to deliver and setup your solution so you don’t have to. Call us to discuss your trade show and we’ll help you develop a plan.

Short Term Growth

If your company has seasonal growth or short term projects that require additional staff, renting is a perfect solution. You can provide these employees with fast reliable systems to facilitate success while maintaining costs. ABR would be happy to custom configure the systems to your specifications and set them up if needed.


Planning an event that requires technology can be a formidable task with a maze of choices. Just let us know what you want to accomplish and we will guide you to the best products for you to achieve your goal. With our help, making a visual impression will be the easiest task of the event!

  • Use our highly skilled technical staff to develop a plan to accomplish your goal.
  • Pick from our large inventory of products for a spectacular result.
  • You can have us do it all or just provide the equipment.

Rent computers for all your business needs. Send mail to Request a Quote